Athlete Spotlight: Trevin Parks

Matty Moore, Staff Writer

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When asked to describe the Varsity Basketball team in one word, “Dreamers” came to mind. Trevin Parks wearing number 3 on his back, plays shooting guard during his last year on the team. You know it’s game day when the players are dressed to their best and that full-focused mask is put on while getting ready for school. Preparations begin early that morning, however it all sets in down in the locker room. “We have our routine where we bump to music, talk game plan, pray, and finish up with a nice Dub Club chant; Then we know we’re ready to play some ball,” Trevin Parks (12) said. Jumping right into their high energy warm-up, mental thoughts are flowing. “I play the game in my head before it starts,” Parks said. For some players, sports are an escape from reality. It’s easy access to leave all your worries behind and achieve in the one thing that really makes you happy, “Basketball has always helped me cope with personal problems, it makes me forget about everything going on in my life, it’s like my runaway” Parks. As that first whistle blows, nothing else in the gym is heard. All the hard work put into each game is all to reach one goal. “I hope to accomplish everything I can for my team, AKA my Fam. Our main purpose is to win District Championship” Parks said. Supportive fans, hard-working players and helpful coaches all come into play to increase the chance of this desire. “Our coaches help us to be prepared for the future, the life after we graduate from high school” Parks. That adrenaline rush after winning a game makes all the effort worth it, and for Trevin Parks, that’s the best part.

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