The Three Basketeers

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The Three Basketeers

Ben Rivers, Staff Writer

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Triplets Make a Name During Inaugural Year with LHS Hoops


It’s perfectly normal for younger siblings to follow in the footsteps of their older brothers and sisters by picking up the sport they played through high school. It’s not even that peculiar seeing two siblings playing on the same teams if they wind up in high school at the same time, take the Rosenberger sisters for example. But for three siblings, triplets, to be playing the same sport the same year; practically unheard of. That didn’t stop the Baudendistel triplets, who each recently completed their first year with Lindbergh basketball.

It all started when their parents Tim and Karen signed them up for the CYC basketball league, and the rest is history. Today, they are all assets to the program at LHS. Dan played point guard for the freshman team. Meghan served as forward for JV and Julie saw substantial playing time as a point guard on Varsity.

This shared interest also means extra support for each other along with some added motivation.

It does strike competition between us, but it just makes us work harder to become better players. We don’t forget to support each other at the same time,” Meghan (9) said.

This unique situation comes with both advantages and disadvantages. It cannot be easy for mom and dad to keep track of all three players at once. From getting rides home from school and practices to figuring out what’s for dinner these three students are sometimes forced to fly by the seat of their pants.

“It’s hard sometimes finding rides home after school. My neighbor used to play for the Freshman team so I get a lot of rides with him,” Dan (9) said.

Sometimes, sacrifices must be made to compensate their hectic schedule.

In order to finish my homework I sometimes had to do it at Julie’s games (they were after mine), and my friends and I just planned stuff around all our practices and games,” Meghan (9) said.

The triumvirate maintains a strong work ethic to keep up with other activities and friends. Sometimes though, students get lucky and friends follow along with them, like Dan, who has many friends on his own team.

“Throughout the basketball season I had a lot of fun with my friends and it was a very positive experience,” Dan (9) said.

“The best thing has got to be being part of a team and doing everything together. Its an amazing experience,” Julie (9) said.

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