Athlete Spotlight: Josie Hutcheson

Freshman snags spot on varsity softball team

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Athlete Spotlight: Josie Hutcheson

Emma Bennett, Staff Writer

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Not all freshmen take the leap of faith to conquer varsity sports in their first year of high school. Although some may have the talent, the transition from middle school may seem ominous enough with the prospect of a bigger campus and more homework. Varsity sports take more time, effort, and strength than a JV or freshman team.

However, some brave and talented souls such as softball player Josie Hutcheson (9) dedicate their limited time to the sports they’ve played their entire lives.

“I started playing in third grade, and I plan on going to Arizona State with softball because I love the game. I also play basketball, but it isn’t as important as softball.” Hutcheson said.

While playing both catcher and outfield for the school’s team, Hutcheson also contributes her time to both honors English and Biology. This makes it harder to keep up with homework, but with the extra help of upperclassmen, she has no trouble conquering these feats.

Although she plays with people 2 and 3 years older than her, Hutcheson has a tight relationship with her teammates.

“We haven’t planned our bonding activities yet, but we’re all pretty close, and the upperclassmen are super fun. I also look up to my hitting coach, Andy, a lot. She’s always there for me when I need help.”

An avid Cardinals fan, Hutcheson does not sense anything different about being on a varsity team compared to her previous years.

When asked how she achieved her spot on the team, Josie said that it took ‘working hard and never giving up.’ She also has a few words of motivation for those who want to try out for a varsity sport their freshman year.

“Keep your head in the game and try your hardest, and see where you go,” Hutcheson said.

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