Blues Update

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Blues Update

Nick Tzianos, Staff Writer

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This season, the Blues have had their ups and downs, making it challenging to predict the future of the team based on all that has happened recently.They have been faced with multiple obstacles including the loss of their captain David Backes and problems with injuries of key players on the team, the Blues have still proven themselves in multiple games.

There has been an uproar of Blues spirit across St. Louis and at LHS as students are hopeful that the Blues will pull through in the long season ahead. The Blues currently rank fourth in the National Hockey League by points and remain strong however they are still being categorized as a wild card team as no one is sure about the future of the team. The question is, can the Blues rely on key players like Vladimir Tarasenko and Jake Allen to bring the team to victory?

The student body has an overwhelmingly positive and optimistic view on the Blues and how they will turn out this season. With their record so far being 14-7-3, hopes are high that they will continue to rack up points and hopefully stand a chance against power teams like the Blackhawks and Jets in the playoffs.

“I feel like they are gonna go pretty far this year, maybe even take the cup. They have been looking pretty good. They have been getting a lot of points, scoring a lot of goals and proving that we can take down bigger teams, and showing that we can lead the central. Right now Jake Allen who many would consider inexperienced, has been proving to us fans that he can save a lot of shots, but then on the other hand, can have a few bad games here and there, but hey, what goalies aren’t. Also, Vladimir Tarasenko is yet having another great season, with 27 points and 13 goals so far in the season. But a player I think is overpaid and overrated would definitely be Alex Pietrangelo, the captain of the blues with a -11 +/-, this should be the leader of our team, not the worse player.” Shannon MacDonald (10) said.  

Many students would agree with the statement that the Blues are definitely a home team and lack in performance whenever they travel to other cities. The majority of their wins have come from home games. One big struggle besides playing away games is the game-changing injuries that they have experienced so far.

“We have had some struggles but we have powered through them. We have had Alexander Steen (left wing) out. We lost our goalie Brian Elliott. We have our not that experienced goalie and so far he has proven to us that he can handle it pretty well,” Chris Pappert (12).

Although they have lost a lot over the recent years, the Blues somehow remain one of the strongest teams in the NHL. It is no doubt that they will make it far in the playoffs but the Stanley Cup is not certain this year.

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