Field Hockey Lands More Support

Field hockey players are flyped after funds arrive

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Field Hockey Lands More Support

Jaden Decker, Staff Writer

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After years of having to pay $250 to be on the field hockey team, the team soon became ecstatic to know that Lindbergh High School had finally began to fund the team. It is extremely exciting to say that Lindbergh field hockey is no longer a club sport.

“I think it is fantastic. So the past two years we have functioned as a club, which means that most of our money came from club fees, so we had to charge the girls $250 to play. Now that we have been adopted by the school, it means that anybody can play, they don’t have to worry about that $250 club fee. They only have to pay for the same activity fee that everybody else does. The rest of the money that we don’t get from the school comes from fundraising, so it is a lot easier, more accessible to a lot of people than it was the past couple years, so I think it is great,”Jackie Stevens (English Department) said.

Last year, the field hockey team was a huge success, although stress arose after having to pay $250 for the starting fee, additional costs with gear, plus other necessities for the players success. This year, the stress will be at a minimum, and the players will be able to focus more on having fun than worrying about the cost of playing the game.

“I do, it is really interesting because our group that we have right now includes fourteen seniors, most of them started playing as sophomores so they have been with the program since it started, a lot of them have improved their skills over the years. We also have fourteen freshman. Most of the girls play soccer in the spring too so it is a very athletic team,” Stevens said.

This team has brought something new to the table this year. Coach Stevens and coach Shipp have created the big sister, little sister program where each freshman is paired with a senior buddy. The reason for this new program is to help support the freshmen through their first year as not only a high schooler, but as a high school field hockey player. Every senior with a freshman buddy makes sure that they are not nervous, and that they are prepared. A few days ago there was a small breakfast party for the new freshman players, and they were all pumped up by the seniors. They were there for them to congratulate, and just plainly to make them feel apart of the team. The seniors also gave their buddy a little present for their first game. Not only is this a good program for the team itself, but it is a good way to create new relationships with different and new faces.  

Chemistry is a huge part of a team, and the Lindbergh field hockey team has a very loving and supportive one. The team wants to foster the fact that the field hockey team is a family. A place that they can feel comfortable.

“Since we have been playing together for three years now, we’ve started a strong family bond,” Emilee Fischer (12) said.

The field hockey team is not all about winning, there is much more to it. It is about having doing what you love, while having fun doing it.

“ It is a funny group for sure. We have some characters that always make it interesting and entertaining. Shipp and I try to make it an environment that the girls want to come back to. If you are not having fun while you are playing a sport, and you do not feel like you’re learning something new we do not feel like we’re doing our job,” Stevens said.

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