Senior Shenanigans

Ally Hilmes, Staff Writer

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Upperclassmen Pranks that Ranked and Pranks that Sank


Senior pranks: a beloved tradition that has been practiced for decades at high schools all across the globe. Some classes have been more into the idea of playing jokes on teachers and other students, while others were not. The Class of 2016 is definitely full of many pranksters.


Even though the school year is only one-eighth of the way through, that has not stopped them from pulling multiple stunts already.


“We’ve done a rock-paper-scissors battle, played Disney music in the hallways, and tried to do a flash mob,” Jared McBride (12) said.


McBride is the class of 2016 vice president and often plays a role in coming up with gags along with senior class president Samira Nukic (12) and other graduating-class members.


There has been quite a controversy involving an antic that didn’t turn out so well. Last week there was a senior nap scheduled during fourth hour that would occur on the field. During the time of the shenanigan to occur, an announcement was made that any senior who misses class would receive a three-hour detention. Many upperclassmen have been outraged  as to how the prank was even approved in the first place. McBride confirms that a mishap occurred in declaring the stunt safe for attempting.


“We talk to either Dr. Cochran or Ms. Frost about our prank ideas and they tell us if they’re okay or not,” McBride said.

It’s safe to say that there has been some miscommunication between the 12th graders and the administration.


My rule of thumb is that a prank cannot threaten student safety, it cannot be destructive to property, and it cannot disrupt the learning environment or take away class time,” Dr. Eric Cochran (Head Principal) said.
Despite some pranks go too far, that doesn’t change the fact that our seniors have been killing it with their gags and everyone at LHS is excited to witness what they will be pulling off next.

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