Madison Pregon, Staff Writer

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Lindbergh Gets Flype with Channel 5 News


LHS was approached with a challenge from KSDK Channel 5 news: to host a pep rally on live television. The challenge? The timeframe for it to be filmed was incredibly early. Students had to arrive at school at 5:45 in the morning, more than 90 minutes before school actually begins.


Many questioned whether or not there would be a good turnout for this. Were there really enough students engaged in the school with a high enough level of school spirit to show up at school at such an early hour, or would worse come to worse and call for the prep rally to be cancelled? Lindbergh’s Green Machine decided to take to Twitter, using the hashtag #ImGoing to spread the word about the pep rally and promising free orange juice and donuts.


Fortunately enough, there was a massive turnout. Bright and early Friday morning, news anchor Ryan Dean was met with an entire wall of cheering, enthusiastic Lindbergh students, and it definitely didn’t go unnoticed.


Many students brought signs hoping to be featured on camera, some of the highlights being “Pope Francis wears green and gold” and “Ryan Dean for president”, which was featured on the KSDK Instagram account (@ksdknews).


For over an hour, Lindbergh students that had gathered in the gym cheered and danced to pep tunes played by the marching band, parts of which were aired live on KSDK. Lindbergh’s poms and cheerleaders both performed on the gym floor and also had their routines as part of the broadcast.


At one point, an ESPN-style “College Gameday” was staged where four student seniors and Ryan Dean sat down to predict the scores for that night’s football game against the Eureka Wildcats.


Although the pep rally ended at 6:45, the flype remained throughout Lindbergh all day and in the student section at that Friday night’s game.
KSDK covers all St. Louis high school football games and scores on their website. Videos from Lindbergh’s prep rally can be found here, here, and here!

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