Great Scott! Back to the Future, Today

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Great Scott! Back to the Future, Today

Clara Rush, Staff Writer

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Put on your self drying jacket and jump on your hover-scooter because Doc Brown and Marty McFly have finally arrived in their DeLorean time machine. In Back to the Future 2, the second movie of the classic ‘80s trilogy, Doc and Marty race forward in time to prevent Marty’s son from committing a terrible crime, and along the way they marvel at the tech of the “future.” The date they happen to travel to: October 21, 2015. In honor of the day, students dressed up and compared the movie’s version of 2015 and the reality of 2015.

“I’ve loved the Back to the Future movies since I first saw them when I was 10,” Evie Reed (10) said.

Reed’s excitement over the films is what drove her to dress up as Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox), the hero in a “life-preserver” vest and jean jacket. An aficionado of the films, she knows what Back to the Future got right.  The most spot on prediction was Facetime, which is widely used today.

Two other pieces of tech seen in the film that are under development currently are hoverboards and self-lacing shoes. Nike plans the release of the shoes in Spring 2016 and Fox has officially tried on the first prototype.

In more game changing news, the Mr. Fusion device Doc uses to power the time machine has been in question for quite some time. Now, more than ever businesses are looking for a way to successfully create energy from nuclear fusion. They would be a great addition to today’s repertoire of tech.

The fusion reactor on the cars would be really cool too, since it provides a clean energy source and gets rid of waste. Two birds with one stone, I guess,” Parker McDermott (12) said.

However, some of the best devices from the movie have yet to be seen.

I know everyone always talks about the hoverboards and flying cars, but I think the holograms they have would be really cool, like how the Jaws advertisement jumps out at Marty,” McDermott said.

“I wish we had those small pizzas that grow in the microwave, and flying cars are cool, but there would probably just be more accidents,” Reed said.

Pizza aside, a surprising amount of the tech seen in Back to the Future 2 either exists today or is in the works. And while we may not have flying cars, self driving cars are not so far off. Despite being from so long ago, the trilogy is a classic filled with laughter, crazy plots, and many moments that will have you saying “great scott” right along with Doc Brown.

Long time Back to the Future fan, Evie Reed, poses in Marty McFly inspired outfit. She dressed up for October 21, 2015, official Back to Future Day.

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