Lindbergh Expanding

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Lindbergh Expanding

Ben Rivers, Staff Writer

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New cafeteria means more room for growing student body

After months of tedious construction, LHS’ new cafeteria is finally complete. Following the passage of Prop G over a year ago, the school immediately got to work expanding and modernizing its campus. After the ribbon cutting ceremony, held on Friday, January 15, the new cafeteria will be open for public use on Tuesday, Jan 19. Construction was set to end on December 11 of last year.  Even though it is slightly behind schedule, both students and faculty are ecstatic over the new space’s completion.

The new cafeteria is part of the districts Prop G program to accommodate the school’s growing population. This addition was included once faculty started noticing how overcrowded the existing cafeteria was becoming.

“We understood that the crowding was getting so bad in the cafeteria that students were having to eat in the hallways. What excites me the most is getting those kids out of the hallways and giving them all the room they need to eat,” Dr. Jim Simpson (Superintendent) said.

The new cafeteria also serves to cut down on the time it takes students to get their food. A whole new kitchen has been included in hopes of decreasing waiting times and leaving more time to eat.

The modernized lunchroom will also include a wide variety of seating options from booths, to high tables, to seats outdoors on the new patio. It will also come equipped with LED lights and new 70’ smart screens to help spread news and vital information to students. Lastly, the new area serves to be tech friendly, with numerous outlets for charging located all across the room.

Effective Tuesday, students will be able to experience a new piece of Lindbergh. The new cafeteria is a welcome addition to campus and despite many rumors, will be open for any student to enjoy.

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