Melodies Of Time

Greta Van Fleet Concert at The Pageant on August 1st of 2018

Greta Van Fleet Concert at The Pageant on August 1st of 2018

Emily Crancer, Story Writer

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As decades pass throughout the many evolving generations of the student bodies of LHS, the music trends grow as well. Trends such as Pop, Rock, Rap, Indie, and Country have made their rounds with being played. Many artists and bands music have been set on replay within the earbuds of the fellow Flyers of the 2018 High School school year that consist of Post Malone, Drake, Lana Del Rey, Migos, Sam Hunt, and countless other creators. Besides the typical music genres played on the well known, local radio stations of STL, bands and artists such as The Grateful Dead, Sublime, Phish, Kiss, and Nirvana, have recently had an uproar throughout the LHS hallways of the students.

         “Music that I listened to while I was a teenager was a lot of grunge such as Pearl Jam, Nirvana, but on top of those, it was a lot of Led Zeppelin, The Grateful Dead, and many other jam bands like Phish,” Josh Piontek (English Department) said.

         Many students can be seen wearing band t-shirts, and hats with logos of artists from many years ago while walking from class to class within the long LHS school days. These songwriters and singers have been seen around the most recent generations, and have been receiving popularity once again, just like they had experienced many years ago when they first were introduced to the music industry.

         “In my opinion, I believe that there are many genres, bands, and artists that never really go out of style. I think that it’s one of those things that there’s just always these types of music that teenagers “rediscover” music that I grew up with, because that’s just how music cycles through the generations,” Josh Piontek (English Department) said.

         As new music blossoms from several different genres within these most recent generations, many older melodies continue to be heard around the High School within the students and staff of Lindbergh.  What will the Lindbergh Flyers listen to next?


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