Wresting Season Wrap-Up

Team, coach reflect on season

Zack Augustine

Taylor Morgan, Staff Writer

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Varsity Wrestling finished 6th place with 370 pts at the Hickman Wrestling Tournament, and JP Homfeld placed 2nd. Lucas Osia, Dawson Javier and Logan Wells place 3rd.

In the beginning of the season, Ben Smith (Guidance Office, Head Coach) dealt with a mixed team. He had a handful of guys that with experience and that have had a lot of success on the mat, and then he had another group of guys that were still growing in their experience and were working on improving. The coaches were juggling practice to make sure everybody’s needs were met, which proved to be a challenge. Smith said that the team had embraced it and they all get along very well and are working and supporting each other.

“We have a mission statement for the program, and it is to build better people through the sport of wrestling” Smith said.

The team has been talking a lot this year about mindset. Before their matches, the athletes need to focus on what they do well and be thankful for the opportunity to be there with their teammates. Smith believes this season was very successful and that they have really grown and come together as a team. The coaches don’t measure success based on wins and losses, but on all the lessons their players learned, like: goal-setting, work ethic, teamwork and bouncing back after failure.

“The lessons I learned from wrestling in high school helped me become the man I am today, it showed how to face adversity and learn how to overcome that adversity, it didn’t just make me become a better wrestler,  it made me better at everything else that i did, when it came into going into college and the challenges with that,  wrestling helped me prepare for that” Smith said.

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