LHS Creates Opportunities with 60 Club Options for Students

Being a part of a school and its community is always important, but the question is how? At Lindbergh High School, there are numerous opportunities to be a part of the school and, even more importantly, the community.

At LHS, there are 60 club options. These clubs are often held during Power Lunch, which is specifically designed for club opportunities while also offering academic help. When attending a club meeting, Flyers Nations points are earned, which is also a great way to expand student involvement in the LHS community.

The clubs that give a lot to the school and are recommended for school spirit would be Green Machine and Student Council (STUCO), both sponsored by Mr. Mark Pfieffer. He believes that he doesn’t exactly contribute to those clubs since he trusts the students to be able to provide enjoyment and spirit for the rest of the school. 

“This year has been a lot more organized than previous years because of the efforts of the captains of the squad to bring back a lot of traditions and help the school recover from COVID,” says Mr. Pfieffer.

Mr. Jason Wolfard, who is the activities director at LHS, has a goal of finding opportunities and passion for all the students. He even states how he feels the impact clubs make on the LHS community.

“All of our clubs do a great job adding value to our culture here at Lindbergh,” he said.

Even though the battle of COVID delayed the progression of clubs last year, Mr. Wolfard and Mr. Pfieffer have full hope and ambition to be able to make this year a major upgrade from last year. LHS has also added five to six new clubs this year and is so excited to introduce even more this coming year.