LHS Helps Students Adjust to the “New Normal”

The return to in-person school has proven challenging for everyone. Every year there is a new set of freshmen and it always takes time to adjust. But because of the extra challenges this year, it has been harder to make this transition. 

The freshmen and sophomores of LHS have faced strong disadvantages when it comes to the ¨average¨ high school experience. The sophomores went through their first year of high school online and were not given the introduction to high school that everyone else got. With over 500 kids in each grade, it is hard to unite the student body as a whole. There are many individuals that are on the front lines trying to make this process easier for everyone

The administration has taken strides this year to help the freshmen and sophomores transition into this new time. Many staff that is involved with the underclassmen, including the freshman grade counselor Ms. Holly Honey, have a recurring meeting to strategize and figure out how they can help. The Flyer Nation app has been able to help students navigate high school and has many resources such as a map.

“This year has been a good transition and everyone is excited to be back in person,¨ Ms. Honey said.

On Sept. 23 the Student Council put together a pep rally for the student body. This was one of the ways they have contributed to uniting the students and the staff in this new year. Senior class president Ella Wolfard has encouraged the underclassmen to report any misconduct they see to the administration and that would help eliminate some behavioral issues. She believes that the underclassmen a part of the student council are representing the school and the club so it is their responsibility to take action.

Wolfard said, ¨The pep assembly was well behaved and helped bring it back to normal. There will always be the troublemakers but things are getting back to normal.¨ 

Freshmen and sophomore class officers also had a difficult time adjusting. When asked about last year and their transition into high school, Isabella Hegger expressed that she didn’t feel like she was in high school and it still felt like 8th grade but in a different building.

Another class officer and member of STUCO, Austin Thomas (10), said, ¨I feel like I missed out on Link Crew and we didn’t get to have those Link Crew leaders and make those connections in that way. So there’s just kind of a few small things that establish the basis of that.¨ 

In the end, everyone no matter their grade has struggled with transitioning back to school and getting used to the ¨new normal.¨ Students and staff are putting in the effort to unite the grades and make this year go as smoothly as possible. They believe that if everyone works together and puts in the effort, students can have the most memorable experiences.