Piloting to the VR World, But Not With a Plane

Co-pilot clubs’ inclusion of technology


Virtual Reality Headsets used by the Co-Pilot Club

        Virtual reality, what is it? Otherwise known as VR, virtual reality is a 3D experience that immerses users in a simulation which is able to mimic any environment! Ranging from playing tag as a gorilla to play a gravity-less game of frisbee. With some countys such as Pittsford seem to already be adapting the use of Vr for educational purposes.

    ”Another thing that we do, in tech help desk class… as for instance, world geography class has come down and the students in class have been able to travel to different locations around the world, and see it in a new perspective.”

    Within the Lindbergh community, Co-Pilot club is leaning towards VR and other technologies for our school, which has the capability to open opportunities such as performing experiences without effort to clean up a mess, or with going in the direction of geography, likely world travel. Otherwise, another positive side effect of the introduction of virtual reality is the relief of stress that it has been known for by the research of companies such as Columbia psychiatry.

    “Copilot club, it’s an opportunity for students to try out and explore the latest technology and trends,” Keith Loveless (Co-Pilot tech Staff) said. “And it also offers students an opportunity to collaborate, have fun and socialize.” 

    Currently, in the modern world VR is being more implemented in the world, for example organizations such as Zippia, analyzing there being around 171 million VR users worldwide, with around 34% of users being teens around 16 years old.

    The Co- Pilot club has extended with a variety of technologies, including 3D printing, virtual reality and the game Flight Simulator. Recently the Co-pilot hosted a Mario Kart Tournament as of 12/6, as it lasted for an entire week through a tourney type system.

    “It’s something where Co-Pilot club members and students of the class help organize,” Loveless said.

    Gathering every other Friday at the old auditorium, the Co-Pilot club is run by student leaders such as Maple Rawls (11)  and sponsored by Mr. Loveless. With its intentions aiming to further advance in technologies that will entice a students interest.

      “Co-Pilot club is a really nice way to meet people that are like-minded with technology and inspired to work with tech,” Rawls said.

    How would this apply for a career opportunity? Well, with society running on technology, organizations such as Nces.gov have studies, showing that back in 2019 around 88% of Americans have access to the internet, which when implied with the Co-Pilot class teaching incomings students how to operate and use technology it gets a feel on what jobs through fields like finance would need for people.

 “We offer the opportunity for teachers and students to do VR field trips,” Loveless said.

“You can have people who just want to really want to do Vr, and want to see the cool advances of technology, then you get the people who want to work with that,” Rawls stated.

   So far, within the pandemic during 2020, a group of students had formed the Copilot club initially beginning at the tech help desk class with intentions to give students a demo for technology in the school environment. By branching out of the Co-Pilot class with leaders, it has opened opportunities for volunteering and running the Co-Pilot club, giving those with an interest in technology the possibility to explore the aspects of tech; notably virtual reality…

  “I’ve absolutely loved working with tech… and with the Co-pilot club; it’s an extension of the class,” Rawls said.