Silver Nights

The senior perspective on their final prom


Inforgraphic by Meadow Roy. Photo credits: Natalie Van

The Lindbergh High School prom theme of 2023 was Silver Nights, drawing countless Lindbergh seniors to the St. Louis Union Station on the night of April 29. The night included dinner and dancing, resulting in a multitude of memories made for the graduating class of 2023.

Three seniors shared their thoughts on this year’s prom venue, food and their favorite part of the night.

“It was my second time going to prom, I went to prom last year, I think I had a lot more fun last year just because it was the first time but I thought it was overall a nice experience,” Jax Weafer (12) said.

While Weafer had a lot of fun, they also note that the food was not necessarily all-inclusive to vegans and vegetarians.

“The food was alright, I wasn’t really able to eat much because they don’t have any vegetarian or gluten free options for me but I did eat a little bit of salad,” Weafer commented.

The location for Lindbergh’s 2023 prom was the same as it had been the previous year, which overall, received positive feedback..

“I really liked the venue, it’s really open and good for that (prom) and I like the upstairs part,” Andi Elze (12) said.

Alongside dinner and dancing, there was a photo booth, allowing students to document and immortalize their experience.

“The most memorable part was probably the photo booth, I got really good pictures with my friends and boyfriend,” Elze mentioned.

For many students the pre-prom process of getting ready was exciting as well.

“My favorite part of the day was actually getting ready for prom because I got to go to the hair salon and nail salon which was nice,” Zoe Painter (12) commented.

Being in her final year of high school, Painter was grateful that prom gave her the opportunity to end her senior year on a high note.

“Dancing was fun too and getting to be with everybody before I graduate was nice,” Painter reminisced.