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A Look Behind the Scenes

Take a look into the Homecoming setup for the 2023 dance
Lindbergh students gather at the homecoming dance.

Homecoming is a big event for most schools, that is no different for LHS as the Student Council worked to create a unique setup for the dance.“They end up putting STUCO in charge of the different events. That includes the Powder Puff games, the parade, the tailgate after the parade and before the game and then the dance itself,” Mark Pfeiffer said.

Because STUCO was in charge of most of the homecoming preparations, they decided to divide and conquer to get it all done on time.

“We have a head and a bunch of different chairs for different activities. We have Cooper Lord (11) who is in charge of planning the whole dance, booking the venues, contacting teachers, acquiring food and coordinating with all of the other chairs. Lara Pimentel (11) was in charge of the parade, Ivanka Huynh (11) ran powder puff and then I was over all of the decorations chairs, making sure that on the actual day everything worked cohesive,” Jessica Wheatley (11), a STUCO member, stated.

STUCO also played a big part in choosing the theme for the dance. Because the dance was so early in the year, they actually had to start the planning process at the end of the 2022-2023 school year in order to have enough time to set up for the 2023-2024 homecoming. They got a head start by sending out a Google Form at the end of the last school year to get students’ opinions and ideas for what the homecoming theme should be. Once they had the results, they took these ideas, and some of their own, and narrowed it down.

“The STUCO kids will look at it, they’ll discuss pros and cons, and sometimes it just comes down to that theme might be too hard for us to make decorations for or too expensive for us to make decorations for. Some of it has to do with practical things, like what can we actually accomplish or what can we do. Then they narrow it down to four or five that they really like… and then after all that we have a vote and they vote on what they think the theme should be,” Pfeiffer said.

Through this process, STUCO was able to come up with A Night is Nashville as the theme for this year’s dance.

“If you look at the amount of kids who dressed up at the Homecoming dance in country theme, it was actually pretty successful,” Pfeiffer said.

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