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Senior Plans

Lindbergh seniors discuss their after-high school aspirations
Pictured: Rose Tudor

As Lindbergh High School seniors make their after-high school plans, they share what they are most excited and nervous about, even offering some insight on applying to college and how it’s done.

Willa Hollander (12) was happy to say she will attend Wisconsin Lutheran College, play on their volleyball team, and major in elementary education.

“I’m excited to move away and do new things, but I’m also nervous for the moving part because of how far it is from family,” Hollander said.

Josie Kress (12) learned she will attend STLCC and work towards her associate degree. Kress’ dream job is to become a funeral director/mortician.

“I read a book that taught me about it and it interested me because I love to comfort people and try and help them,” Kress said.

She is most excited about having independence and flexibility but also nervous about too much.

“I’m most excited for having independence and getting to do things on my time, But that is also nerve-racking because I’m not used to that much flexibility.” (Kress)

Rose Tudor (12) plans to attend STLCC and continue on to become an orthodontist assistant.

“I do an internship through school and Bankhead and FirthF Ortho[dontics], which allows me to leave early and go to the ortho to help work on patients till five., I love it and want it to be my future job,” Tudor said.

Tudor is not nervous about leaving LHS but sad to leave her friends and family. However, she remains excited to do new things and work full-time.

Pictured: Willa Hollander
Pictured: Josie Kress

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