Hooked on a Book

A look into Meadow’s interest in reading non-fiction

  She wrote down the interview on her Chromebook, wondering how to word it. Her book lay on the desk near her, waiting till she finished for her to read it. This was another average day being on the Pilot Publications Team.

    Meadow Roy (10) had a go-with-the-flow attitude, doing what she wanted in her free time, often reading or talking to friends.

   She plans to do honors classes and get her driver’s license in the future at LHS, but for now, she enjoys finishing her homework and having time to read. A hobby she partakes in as often as she can.

    “I’d say, pretty often, just whenever I’m in the mood,” Roy said.

   As of now, Meadow has shown an interest in the genre of nonfiction, specifically fantasy. For now, she likes reading well-known series of nonfiction, such as Percy Jackson. Starting the second book, Meadow just recently finished reading, The Maze Runner, looking to compare the difference between the book and the movie.

    “People say books are better, so I’ve been trying to read them,” Roy replied, “and I’ve been wanting to read more.” 

    Meadow uses her hobby as relaxation, often when she completes homework assigned by her classes. She also shows an interest in baking and loves to watch Netflix, but when she picks a book, the length of the book does not influence her choice, it matters whether the topic of the story shows an interest for her. So when it is something along the lines of fantasy she will be more compelled to read it.

“When I have time when i’m not doing homework or other things, I will read in my free time” (Roy)

    She also wants to read one of the most well-known books, Harry Potter, but has never had time as she had to push it off until after the Maze Runner series. But maybe she’ll find that time in the future, as she definitely has no plans to stop this hobby any time soon.

“I think I’m going to read more in the future,” Roy said.