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Styling the New School Year

Following how Elliot Lentz stylizes for the new school year…
Pictured: Elliot Lentz

There are two things that junior Elliot Lentz is always thinking about: his lizard or The Walking Dead, but as the new school year kicks off, they must figure out what to wear.

Lentz is known for their peculiar alternative style. This type of fashion dates back to the early 2000s and has recently made its comeback due to social media trends.

“My main inspirations for my outfits are scene and emo kids from the early 2000s, I absolutely love that era. I was just a baby, so I sadly had to miss out on it firsthand. I think, why not bring it back now?” Lentz said.

In a world of colors and fabrics, Lentz found their refuge. Fashion became their outlook, their creative canvas. Each outfit was an expression of his personality and painted his outlook on life– bold, confident and ever evolving. For Lentz, fashion wasn’t just clothes; it was a language, a statement, an art. To him, It wasn’t about following trends.

“I wasn’t always as expressive as I am now. I used to try and fit in as best as I could, but eventually I gained the confidence to dress how I knew I always wanted to,” Lentz said.

Lentz also shared their interest in fashion with his friends and others, leading to the uprising of the Lindbergh High School Fashion Design Club.

“We wanted to start this club as a way to bring people with different styles together. I feel like many people are scared to express themselves, so our club is a place you can do that freely.”

Lentz shares the club with his friends, where they express styles, trends and looks to those who adore fashion and clothes as much as they do. Lentz’ love for fashion soon became an eye opener for their future career goal as a fashion designer or potential model.

“Nothing makes me happier than buying clothes and styling outfits. I’m always on the lookout for pieces that could advance my wardrobe, especially on second hand websites,” they said.

For the time being, Lentz hopes to expand their wardrobe and continue growing their style as they create better and better looks for themselves and possibly others in the future.

“My dream for the future is to design clothes and model. Fashion is such a big passion of mine and I’d love to share my ideas with the rest of the world,” Lentz said.

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