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Things Students of Lindbergh Want


Courtesy of Hunter Poole

Administrative assistant, Susan Merz shows her holiday spirit by going all out in decorating her office. Many other staff have put up decorations for the holidays in the past. “I decorate like this at my own home and I would like to make it feel more homey and that is why we decorate and burn candles,” Merz said.

Hunter Poole, Staff Writer

          The holiday season is in the air. It may be getting cold, but it is one of the hottest times to get new things in the year. With popular holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa approaching, many different students are hoping for many different types of gifts this holiday season.

           “I would say [that I want] AirPod Pros because I heard that they are very nice, and they are a flex,” Caleb Smith-Hustler (12) said. 

          The AirPod Pro is Apple’s newest version of their popular wireless earbuds. They have a smaller design than the original AirPods, and include a noise cancellation feature to block out sound from the world outside.

          The AirPod isn’t the only Apple product that Lindbergh students are hoping for during the holidays. Many also hope to get one of Apple’s new iPhones, which features a new dual-lens camera, and offer more color options than previous iPhones.

          “I want an iPhone 11 because it is tuff,” Addie Jusic (10) said.

          Students are also hoping for gifts in categories other than technology.

          “I would probably want more Lululemon clothes,” Alaina Hannon (9) said. 

          Lululemon, yoga and athletic wear brand, has become incredibly popular among teenagers over the past few years for its stylish and comfortable outfits.

          Although many Lindbergh students are asking for specific items during the holidays, some would prefer to achieve goals that would make their personal lives, or the world as a whole, better.

          “I want the Lindbergh soccer team to win the state championship because it would make my high school experience better. I also would like world peace” said Eli Knuckles(12). 

          Knuckles does not want material items like others but things that would make the Lindbergh community and the whole world a better place. A great reminder that receiving everything asked for is great, but the holiday season is also about what can be given to others.