Super Hot Coffee Shops

A look into the most popular independent coffee shops in Saint Louis

Ricky Schodl, Staff Writer

           While bigger chains may be better known by students, smaller, locally owned coffee shops can offer quieter, more unique spaces to spend time in, as well as the advantage of supporting local businesses and people.

           Serving as one of the most popular coffee shops of the student body, Kaldi’s Roasting Company took 50% of the 62 students polled. Located in Kirkwood, MO, Kaldi’s is just four and a half miles from the high school campus. In addition to the close proximity, Kaldi’s also offers a calm environment to sit down or study in. 

          “It is so quiet and just a really relaxing place to go to. The furnishings that they have are a lot more cozy, it is a very warm place,” Anna Niewald (12) said.

           Kaldi’s does serve as a coffee shop, but also acts as a place of gathering for Emily Dooling (10). 

          “I have been going there ever since I was little so it has been a tradition where we go there after church every Sunday,” Dooling said. 

          Taking second place was Sump Coffee located in the Cherokee District of Saint Louis. They serve not only as a coffee shop, but also as a seller of roasted beans shipped to your door. Its location serves as a unique point of interest as described by junior, Alex Kohrs. 

          “It is in a part of the city that not many people know about, and that what they are doing in the area make going to Sump more worthwhile than other places,” Kohrs said. 

          Having grown up in the Cherokee District, Sump brought about nostalgia for Jeremiah Jones (11). 

          “Everytime I go down there I get to look at where I used to live, plus I do think it’s some of the best coffee in Saint Louis,” Jones said, and added, “Their Ethiopian blend is phenomenal, they get the good stuff and people should go there.”

          Located in Brentwood across from the Saint Louis Galleria, Coma Coffee opened up its doors most recently in 2016 to the public. Of the students polled, Emily Schlereth (10) was the only student to respond to the poll with Coma as her favorite shop, even though it consistently ranked on the best coffee shop lists. 

          “They have very good selection, and it is just easier to pick and more fun to go to,” Schlereth said. 

          The environment there is also very quiet as Schlereth described the shop as “Very calming and they have good seating.”

          The seating includes cushioned chairs and couches in addition to regular chairs and stools.  

          Unlike the other shops, Blueprint offers two locations, one in the Saint Louis Hills neighbourhood, and another in the Delmar Loop. 

          One student, Kylie Hartrup (11) described Blueprint as, “It is just this cute little coffee shop with all these plants, the vibe of it is really nice,” Hartrup said. 

          She went further into detail on why the aesthetic of the shop is good by describing what was unique about it. 

          “They have cute little booths and different types of chairs, as well as a raised bar area that faces out the window,” Hartrup said.