Schedule Swap


Main clock located in the LHS library

As a typical school day rolls by throughout the LHS school year, lindbergh flyers are used to being up and out of their seats every 55 minutes for each class, eager to move on to the next period. But due to a recent announcement made by the district, this routinely schedule will soon experience a major change for the 2019-2020 school year, the junior class’ senior year.

The changes being made to the formerly known schedule will consist of block days and power lunch. The power lunch has been viewed in hopes that it will provide the students with more opportunities to work with teachers on work from different classes. Along with these add ons, half days, early releases, and eighth hours will be eliminated from the school year. Although all of the grades will be affected by these alterations, the junior class will be experiencing this new schedule during their senior year, the year that students expect to be an easy, familiar year but this is not the case for some when their old routines will be removed.

“I am not a fan of the new schedule change for next year because I feel like it does not give the students the ability to have that eight hour to let us finish homework at the end of the school day. Also, it eliminates the ability to do other special things outside of school that have been altered around the 1:30 release time. I feel like they should of made the new schedule change when the new LHS is built and in use,” Grace Carson (11) said.

This type of block day scheduling takes place in several different school districts around the country and has been viewed to be beneficial to each district. The flyers have high hopes for this change and that the students will be satisfied for the 2019-2020 school year once it begins.