How your classmates spent their time in lockdown

During the unexpected shutdown, many students were faced with a feeling of boredom and distress, lost with all of their new free time. As the weeks turned into months we were able to adjust as viral videos went around showing how humans moved from a constant fast-paced society into a more lethargic and steady world. From making obstacle courses at home, to baking banana bread, here are how some of your fellow students spent their quarantine. 

During the shutdown, many were reintroduced into old hobbies of their pasts that died out with the stress of high school. 

 ¨I began drawing again during the shutdown, something I haven’t done much of since the previous summer. It can be very calming for me, so it felt fitting to start doing it again while everything else was anything but calm. Over the past months, I´ve continued with it, and still draw regularly today. It has helped me zone out from whatever is happening in the world for short periods of time and focus solely on the art,¨ Elijah Mahne (12) said. 

With all of this new time, people were finally able to start on projects they always wanted to do but could never find the time to. 

¨During quarantine I didn’t have a job so I worked for my grandpa. Ever since I was young I saw him building computers and during quarantine I felt like it was the perfect time to do that. I had some money saved up so I asked my grandpa to give me some recommendations on what parts to get. My grandpa gave me some computer parts so I wouldn’t have to spend as much so I gathered all the parts and went to building. I built it with very little knowledge and somehow figured it out. It was a fun and very educational process,¨ Nathan Duchinsky (12) said.