Painter’s Block

Online school is introducing a lot of new struggles for students and teachers. Classes which are more hands-on, requiring a lot of specific materials and feedback from teachers. A lot of art teachers are especially struggling with this change. A lot of them would walk around while their students were working and give feedback to them as they saw it, but that’s not possible with the current situation.

Several art teachers are finding it difficult sending home art supplies and changing project mediums. 

As Mr.Early puts it, “A majority of materials are shared and we simply can’t send home each student a set of paint brushes.” 

While teachers’ supplies are fully stocked in the classroom, they are limited in what supplies they can send home with students. Mrs. Avant brought it up that sharp items, such as exacto-knives and fettling knives, can’t be sent home restricting supplies for students.

Other struggles that have come up during online art classes is how students are learning and figuring out new ways to give feedback. Denise Summers, an Advanced Placement (AP) Drawing student expressed that they need to be able to see more examples of past students’ projects that would improve the class. 

“Being able to see others working gives new ideas and inspiration,” she said.

Since classes are happening online, students are finding it more difficult to effectively bounce ideas off of each other and take inspiration from their peers.

Mr.Early states, ¨Visual examples are much better in person and students ask better questions in person…. troubleshooting is much easier in person…and faster.¨

When it comes to feedback, both teachers have differing approaches. Mrs. Avant has her students turn their cameras on while working with clay during class. This way she can look at everyone’s projects and give instant feedback based on what she sees. Mr. Early takes a different approach by making a Google slide where students can put their artwork on it for other students to give feedback. 

Overall, both art teachers are doing their best to make their classes as best as possible for students while online. While there are facing a lot more restrictions, they are finding ways to help teach students within those restrictions.