How Students Stayed Involved Throughout a Historic Election Year

Masks, zoom and social distancing won’t stop high school students.

The Presidential Election of 2020 was one of the most crazy and intense elections in modern history. There was a lot on the ballot this election: plans to get through the coronavirus pandemic, immigration, healthcare, the environment, as well as fighting racial injustices throughout the country.

This election year was unique, being during a raging pandemic that has many staying inside and not going to the polls, but that didn’t stop the country from voting. This year mail-in and absentee ballots were unusually popular, resulting in a massive early voting turnout, and a delay in results.

With such a high-tension election it’s interesting to see how LHS students have been engaging and staying active in the current political climate.  

Although the majority of high school students are unable to vote, this generation has a passion for change and has been very influential and active. It is estimated, according to Pew Research, that only 56% of voting-age citizens cast a ballot as of 2016. As well as a historic high of over 90 million votes cast via absentee (mail-in ballots), mostly accredited to the coronavirus pandemic. But polls show that a record number of voters under the age of 30 turned out to vote in this election- proving gen z and millenials to be a strong force in determining the next president. 

In a poll of LHS seniors, the majority were unable to vote, however, close to 20% were of age and registered. This poll also showed that 100% of students that did vote, voted in person at the polls on November 3rd. 

However, a common feeling among high school students is the frustration of not being able to vote. Remy Koch (12) does her best to stay active in politics. 

“I share things on social media, donate to campaigns, and implore myself to stay educated on current issues and candidates.”

These are all ways to help even when you feel helpless in the current political climate. Personally, I believe that voting is a privilege and that in this election, the younger generation of voters played a large role in Joe Biden’s victory. Young people are ready for change, and in this election, they showed up.