Covid & Clubs

Clubs have always been an important part of many people’s high school lives. They are a way to get together with classmates with similar interests. Some of the things clubs offer include communities, new friendships, new interests, and relaxation. But, with the pandemic, many things across the school have changed. Including the many clubs around the school. But due to these obvious circumstances, clubs look very different this year.

 ¨Being virtual for the D&D Club is manageable. While it does offer its own unique set of challenges to our club, it is overall not stopping members from having our meetings online over zoom. A meeting online usually consists of three segments. Meeting in the zoom for announcements and an overview of our clubs in school and out of school needs/plans. Then members separate into individual groups or “Tables” for their sessions. Finally, we meet back in the room to go over questions, talk, and make sure there were no issues or last-minute things we need to know about. My fellow founder and I would love to be back in person, but we know that the safety of the public, school, and our members comes first,¨ Joseph Slane (11) said. 

 Another club

 ¨In Interact, we usually focus on interacting with our members but Covid has really limited how we do this. We have extremely limited service opportunities, but we are still trying to make the best of it and do small, more personal activities and services. Now we do more individual activities on Zoom like games and trivia,¨ Megan Mckean (12) said. 

Although the pandemic has negatively affected many clubs, some clubs have actually benefited from this new version of school. 

¨In robotics, we definitely have more people this year. However, we aren´t able to meet as often because we no longer have power lunch. It definitely makes it more convenient for those who are already at school because fewer people have to drive up. I think we have become more organized because of the pandemic, and I´m glad to see that we can still get a lot done with less time,¨ Josiah Hawkins (11) said. 

Despite these new challenges, club members feel the club experience is still valuable and worth it.¨ This year clubs aren’t the same because they are all virtual, but I think it is still really fun and nice to connect and talk with everyone over a zoom call,¨ Jasmines Holy (10) said.