Make the Most Out of Summer 2021

Fourth quarter has nearly every student eyeing the clock until summer vacation, with a variety of goals, plans and expectations. Many students are excited to move on and leave the past school year behind. 

“I went to Grandview and got my gym, health, and PFM credit all online. We were traveling a bit last summer, so it was easier to do Grandview and have my counselor transfer the credits over at the end rather than having to physically attend summer school at Lindbergh which a few of my other friends did,” Lauren Bond (10) said.

For more information on taking online classes outside of Lindbergh, use this link to register before July 5th, 2021. 

A student can sign up for up to two credit’s worth of classes for one summer and the final deadline for all work is July 23rd, leaving them with some extra time to enjoy the rest of break. However, keep in mind that the classes aren’t pass or fail grades: students choosing Grandview’s program will get a letter grade just like in normal classes. While online classes for Grandview will start June 1st, one can start their classes anytime after that date. Students can sign up to gain new credits or for credit recovery if needed. The program is completely free, can be done at an individualized pace, and without leaving the house. Some students may choose to complete the courses they’ve chosen in a short span of a few weeks, while others may prefer to listen to the recommended due dates and pacing model their teacher provides. 

But if students are looking to gain their summer credits from Lindbergh High School directly, they still have plenty of options! At Lindbergh, summer school will be from June 14th to July 22nd from Monday to Thursday. Registrations for this summer are open starting March 8th through this Google form

“Many students and families are convinced that you have to take summer classes to fit all of your graduation requirements in but that is not true! Summer school gives our students an opportunity to catch up or get ahead on credits,” Benjamin Smith, LHS counselor for the class of 2023, said.  

Every class will be held in-person, except for Driver’s Ed, which students can take online. If a student takes two classes, their school day will be from 7:45am-1:15pm, but if students only take one class they will be at LHS from 10:00am to 1:15 pm. For anyone who doesn’t want to take their summer classes in-person, but still want them to be through Lindbergh, online Personal Finance, P.E, and Health are also available to sign up for. 

Regardless of whether or not students enroll in an online course, most students will have to work on their required English homework, which is accessible using this link. According to Mr. Griner, the English Department Chair, “It’s pretty much ‘read what you want’ except for the upper-level AP classes.”