Winingham Sets the Stage for the Up and Coming High School Productions

The Lindbergh Theater Department is looking forward to a multitude of productions this upcoming semester. 

Lindbergh High School is home to Thespian Troupe #2533. The troupe is sponsored by Jessica Winingham who has been a thespian herself since she was 15 and has directed her own troupe since 2010. Once students are inducted into the International Thespian Society, they are a member for life. 

First up on the roster are the Senior One Acts. This performance consists of multiple one-acts, usually 3-6 acts, made into one show. The acts are submitted and directed by senior thespians. This allows the seniors to get experience in more than just the acting aspect of a show. 

“It can be a musical or a play. And then I read them and then I select the ones that I think are going to work and that have the best plan from the students. Then that’s what we produce in the spring,” said Ms. Winingham. The productions are student-run with minimal help from Ms. Winingham.  

The Spring Improv Show is sure to be full of fun and laughter for all audiences. It is a two-hour comedy production of spontaneous and witty acting among the thespians playing short improv games. It is composed of individuals or teams using games or scenes that are made up in the moment.

“Our improv troupe is cast in August. And they do two shows a year, so they do one in November, one in May. And it’s improv comedy so it’s spontaneous acting,” said Winingham. 

Sticking with the theme of fun- but adding in a little social consciousness- is the Backwards Broadway Show. It is a cabaret-style production that raises funds for Broadway Care Equity Fights AIDS.  Originally started on Broadway, the Lindbergh thespian troupe has incorporated Backwards Broadway into their spring productions. This show is fun and brings in the unexpected. The act consists of duets, group numbers or solos that switch the genders of the characters. An expected female character will be played by a male thespian and vice versa, which is sure to make for a very fun and entertaining evening.

The theater department has big plans for the next school year. All shows are pretty much set in stone and just waiting to be announced in May. 

“I cannot tell you what the play is for the fall although I have it selected. I can tell you it’s a comedy and that’s all I’ll tell you,” said Winingham. 

As we all know Lindbergh High School is undergoing major changes with the construction that have had considerable impacts on the student’s and staff daily life. With construction amping up in the coming school year it’s safe to say that many clubs and activities will be impacted in some way, luckily that may not be the case for the Theater Department. 

“I should get my black box theater which will be my classroom and a theater space in August. Which means I can easily have a second theater space to use for smaller shows like improv. And then this theater they’re keeping up so I’m believing the fall plays going to be in this theater,” said Winningham.