Virtual Days Vs Snow day

Virtual Day block schedule.

Virtual Day block schedule.

Virtual learning at Lindbergh High School is a procedure that has formed within the last few years due to Covid-19, as well as the weather impacting if we can get to school. When the school sends out an email or even a phone call at 6:00 a.m. or earlier, teachers and students who are expected to come to school on that day are told they no longer have to report to the building. During the time of Covid-19, many schools were closed, and students and teachers were forced to go virtual using Zoom and other resources. To stay connected, teachers and students had to make sure they could learn from home just like on a school day. A plus of having virtual days is that no days would be added to the end of the year, like in the past. This means a  longer school year can now be avoided.

Because of Covid-19, students have gotten used to having to wait until the night before to know if they are attending that school day, normally waiting on a phone call along with an email from the principal with the day’s schedule or what to expect. Due to their environment, teachers must adjust for that day or multiple days Erin McGrath has a very busy schedule when she and her kids both have to do Zoom classes from their home, I also have three elementary-aged kids in the district, so their schedule is the same as mine,” McGrath said.

Both the school’s staff and students must adjust to the virtual learning they must do from home. “I really liked Virtual Learning because it was nice to do school work and it was nice and easy to do school work from the comfort of my home” explains student Madelyn Montanye (11)

“Virtual learning was a more efficient way of learning for me. I was able to get work done better and have it turned in on time. However, socialization at school is helpful. The teachers being able to help me one on one help me learn better, especially with visual representation.” Jackie Middlebrooks (12) explains. 

A virtual Day is where teachers post that day’s instructions on Canvas and other platforms so that the students can work on it via Google Drive, all while working at their own pace from home or other locations that aren’t the school building.

Teachers and students would much rather be in person compared to virtual, but there isn’t much that can be done when it is not safe to be at school for either “snow”, “sleet” or even Covid-related reasons. “But overall, I much prefer in-person learning,” says Lisa Adams, an English teacher at LHS. 

  One librarian, Anna Whitehead, believes that “We should have at least one snow day a year just to give everyone that break.” explains cause she feels that school sometimes needs a break. “Virtual learning allows teachers and us time to get things finished around here,” Mrs. Whitehead explains. She thinks virtual learning is complicated, but if it is safer to stay home, then that is what needs to be done to keep everyone safe.