LHS Thespians Prepare for a Killer Production

The stage is set for a night of murder and mystery with the LHS production of CLUE.


Courtesy of Elowyn Wells

Seniors Charis Peters (Miss Scarlet) and Rylee Droege (Wadsworth) attempt to straighten out the details about the mysterious murders throughout the night.

The stakes are high. There’s a killer on the loose. The weapons are obtainable. The clock is ticking. Trust no one. 

This is the atmosphere and suspense that the LHS thespians hope to create on Oct. 14-16. The thespians will be performing CLUE at 7 p.m. in the LHS auditorium. 

The cast and crew of CLUE have been working tirelessly to piece together this comical melodrama. Rylee Droege (12), who stars as Wadsworth the butler, escorts the mysterious guests of the night around for a hilarious, and yet mysterious, dinner party. A comical cast of seniors Charis Peters (Miss Scarlet), Elsa Davinroy (Mrs. White), Kennedy Thomas (Colonel Mustard); junior Kathryn Koehler (Mr. Green); sophomore Kenny Hoffman (Professor Plum); and freshman Elsa Sears (Mrs. Peacock) will be forced to figure out why they have been summoned for a thrilling night of blackmail and murder.

Student director Natalie Warner (12), is in charge of co-directing [along with Kylie Reuter (12)] LHS’s first “whodunit” performance. She describes the key to the show as “maintaining the balance between comedy and mystery.” 

Although the play is nearly identical to the movie, the cast and crew aren’t afraid to take some creative liberties and make the show their own.

“Their (the cast’s) versions of these characters are not at all the same as the movie, but they are just as great, if not better, and I personally prefer our cast’s interpretation of the show over the movie,” said Warner (12). “They have really gone above and beyond just the basic outline laid out in the scripts and have totally made the show their own.”

Tickets are on sale now until Oct. 16. They start at $7 for students and $10 for the general audience for pre-purchased tickets. At the door, tickets start at $9 for students and $12 for the general audience. LHS is also still providing a live stream option for $10.

Production director, Mrs. Jessica Winningham, is confident in the combined capabilities of the cast and crew and is excited for the Lindbergh community to come and see the terrific job they’ve done. 

“We have a killer cast and crew,” says Mrs. Winningham. “I feel confident that the show will go on really well.”