Juniors and Seniors Battle for Powderpuff Champion


Courtesy of Mackenzie Brown

On Sept. 23, teams of juniors and seniors battled in what might or might not have been their last powderpuff games. 

At Lindbergh High School, powderpuff has always been an anticipated night for the juniors and seniors that participated in the football games. However, lots of injuries and aggression from the players has caused a big question to arise: “Will powderpuff be a thing next year?” 

“No decision has been made on powderpuff for next year,” said Dr. Eric Cochran, the LHS principal. “The biggest concern I have about Powderpuff is student safety. I think the event is clearly a lot of fun for many of the participants. However, I am concerned that we have individuals who are getting a little too rough and that someone is going to get hurt playing a game for which they have not trained. As long as it stays a fun event where individuals are not trying to hurt each other, I feel better about it. However, rough play will be the number one way to make the event disappear.”

Emma Watz (10), the student director and organizer of powerpuff said, “I really hope that Lindbergh can keep the powderpuff tradition for next year. Of course, anything can happen and there was some violence this year that was discouraging for the event to continue, but I have hope!”

Injuries that included a sprained ankle, a concussion, and a broken finger occurred during this year’s powderpuff. Despite the injuries, the adults involved in making powderpuff a thing still have hope.

Mark Pfeiffer, the Student Council advisor, said, “Yes, I think it will be a thing next year. Each year we try to learn more and more and the problems we had this year will not occur next year.”