School Struggles to Find Enough Substitute Teachers to Meet Demand

Since the pandemic started, there have been multiple problems with getting students back to school, and there may be more problems with school than everyone realizes.

 Lately, schools all across the country have had the same problem; finding substitute teachers as well as bus drivers. Many are still hesitant to find a job during the worldwide pandemic, and this is becoming an increasing problem for schools.

Lindbergh High School has so far managed to find subs, though it is sometimes difficult. “Some individuals are a little more reluctant to go into a large building filled with people when a virus is still impacting new people,” says LHS Principal Dr. Cochran. “We are mostly managing and making it work, but it has definitely been a little more challenging than it was in years past to get all of our sub positions filled.”

The current sub count for Lindbergh School District is 100 subs, meaning the entire district is asking all 100 of those subs to cover all needed classes. One day early into the school year, there were six classes in the commons alone without a sub. Lindbergh has so far called in fellow teachers to substitute some classes, and a few classes have even been covered by grade principals.

This problem is not only limited to schools but many other essential jobs as well. “This same challenge is impacting food service workers and bus drivers across the entire country,” says Dr. Cochran. “Filling certain jobs right now has been increasingly difficult during the pandemic.”