Teachers and Students Sample New Furniture at LHS

Construction at Lindbergh High School is scheduled to be finished by January 2023, and when it is, teachers and students will likely find new furniture in their new classrooms. 

A committee of teachers has been chosen for their classes to try out the new furniture to get their feedback. Eighteen teachers have tried out the new furniture in their classes.

Mrs. Lindsey Perkins, the 12th-grade principal and the chairperson for the new furniture project, says “The plan is to collect pre-post data to determine what teachers and students like best along with what is most conducive for learning.” 

The new chairs with tables are more usable and comfortable compared to the older ones that students can’t fit in. The desk is small, students can’t fit all of their work so there is no easy way to use them compared to the new ones where the desk can slide in and out. Wheels are more convenient so that the students and teacher can move around the desks that they need. They are not a hard type of plastic anymore, so they are more comfortable compared to the older ones. There are also high-top tables and chairs that can be used in the back of the classroom for independent learning. 

Many teachers have the same answers when it comes to furnishing the new classrooms along with students. Mrs. Laura Thomas, a math teacher, who tried out the new furniture in her classes, says new furniture is a good idea for new classrooms. “It might take a few years because it’s so expensive to buy an entire school of furniture, but it wouldn’t make sense to put old furniture in the new building,” Mrs. Thomas said.

One of the FACS teachers also tried out the furniture with her class. Child development teacher Mrs. Erin McGrath feels that “the furniture pilot was a great way to try out some new seating arrangements. I was able to pilot the furniture last week and enjoyed trying out the new seats/chairs. I personally did not like the individual chairs/desks and would have never thought that without using them.”

For the seniors at Lindbergh, it doesn’t affect them much because they graduate this year. However, many students who live through the construction along with the conditions believe that having comfortable furniture is a big key to the way that students learn because having to sit for that long and concentrate on one thing in the same room can be very challenging.

“With the new furniture not being the same, I actually want to attend class.” Deja’ Winters (12) said.  

“I think classes should have different furniture,” said Brooke Brown (12) “The more students try it the more they could like it or see what they don’t like.” 

“I think it depends on the class,” Caitlin Phelan (11) said. “Like doing a lab in science is gonna require different furniture than reading in English class.”