Construction Improving More Than Just the Buildings On Campus

The Fall of 2022 will bring about a new look to more than just the buildings on the Lindbergh High School campus.  According to Athletic Director Scott Luczak, “there has been a big impact on sports with the construction.”

At present, the new gym and the addition of the north bleachers in the main gym have had a positive impact on our student body and athletes using them. “The new HUGE turf fields will allow more participation for the student-athletes,” Luczak said.  Of course, the new football field and scoreboards kicked off this year’s improvements.

By the Fall of 2022, even more improvements will be completed.  There will be a new set of tennis courts, new baseball and softball fields, and a new field hockey practice area behind the softball field fence.  A new turf field for field hockey and girls lacrosse on the track stadium field is in the future plans as well, but Luczak said there are “no confirmed dates yet.” 

There can be growing pains with improvements. It has been challenging to navigate parking and the long walks needed around the construction can be difficult for people to navigate. The swim, dive, and water polo sports have had to limit home events and the number of spectators.  “The end result will be great, but the process to get there is not always ideal,” said Luczak.  

With the completion of construction, not only the buildings, but the sports complex will, also, bring a new and improved look to the Lindbergh High School campus.