The Return of Special Olympics to Lindbergh

Coming back this year to Lindbergh High School is the Special Olympics, an event put on by Lindbergh’s student council. 

The Special Olympics is an event used to focus on those with disabilities and special needs by giving them a chance to interact with everyone on a usual standard. This event will be occurring at Lindbergh High School on April 8th, 2022. Every senior gets a chance to participate in this event.

It’s an event that  involves  seniors only as the volunteers and those participating as athletes can range in age from 5-18 years old.. Emma George, a senior this year at Lindbergh, said, “It’s important to the seniors because it’s one of our last events that we have as a class before we graduate.” George said she likes how the  Special Olympics help seniors come together as a class and feel as if they have made a difference in other people’s lives. 

“The purpose of Special Olympics is to make an impact on others’ lives, make memories, focus on one’s abilities, not disabilities, and most importantly have fun,” she explained. She feels  there is a special benefit the  Special Olympics has for everyone involved, and that it is a way for seniors to have some lasting memories in their final months at Lindbergh. 

The last Special Olympics Lindbergh hosted was back in 2015, and was reported on by several news sites. Lindbergh is excited to be able to host the event again this year, especially because of the impact the Special Olympics makes on those involved. 

Mark Pfieffer is a part of Lindbergh’s student council (STUCO), and feels the Special Olympics is a great way for students and those involved to be a part of a celebration for the Special School District. “Year in and year out, we see our seniors engage with their buddies, laugh, play, and feel like they have made an impact in this world,” said Mr. Pfieffer. 

Not only does this event provide an outstanding event for Lindbergh’s athletes, the seniors receive a capstone for the end of their 12 years of schooling, experiences, and friendships in the Lindbergh district. The Special Olympics is a great celebration for the Special School District, Lindbergh High School and the community as a whole.

This event is a great opportunity for the seniors since they are leaving for college at the end of the school year and graduating becoming the class of ‘22. The Special Olympics is one of the last ways for them to feel as if they have made an impact in someone’s life. And the Special Olympics is effective in many ways to many people according to Emma George. “it’s important to the seniors because it’s one of our last events that we have as a class before we graduate and as high schoolers sometimes it’s hard to feel like you can make a difference but with Special Olympics you’re able to,” said Emma George.

Information about this event has been coming out during the PAC lessons every Thursday since January. More information is posted on the Lindbergh STUCO Instagram page. Mr. Pfieffer stated, “Special Olympics can be transformative for all of the people involved.” Leaving to go to college can be difficult, but with the Special Olympics, an impact is made.