What We Can Use From Online School to Make In-Person Learning Better?


Courtesy of Mallory

Supplies for the 2020-2021 school year rely more heavily on technology than ever before. This is a photo of one LHS student´s essentials for online learning: pencil, earbuds, charger, cell phone, eraser, notebook and school-issued Chromebook.

For millions worldwide, online learning has transformed the ways students learn and forced teachers to completely reinvent their educational process on very short notice. As Lindbergh students wrapped up their first quarter, many wonder how long virtual learning or part time in-person learning will last as cases across the United States continue to fluctuate. No one knows what the long-term effects will be for schools after the age of coronavirus, but new methods to encourage students to continue doing their best academically despite unusual circumstances may emerge.

 ¨We should have a later start day like other schools have,¨ Calista Crocker (10) said,¨I’m more organized, I have more time to do my work and I can sleep in.¨ 

Sophomore Jamieson Plager also enjoys the extra sleep. ¨Getting to sleep in. You’re less tired.¨ 

According to a study of 40,000 participants and their sleeping habits, WebMd found that ¨There was some evidence that even a single night’s sleep can affect thinking abilities. Participants who slept more than usual the night before taking the tests did better than those who slept their usual amount or less.¨

With the wide variety of learning environments students have at home, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes some prefer elements of online school to regular in-person learning. More time to sleep in is a strong possibility. Social isolation from peers may provide less distractions to homework, but other distractions like cell phones, family, or pets could counteract this.

Plager later added that she had less late work than usual this year, likely because of the ten-minute breaks between classes which allowed her to finish up assignments or work ahead. “I feel like I have more time to get stuff done,” she says.