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Halloween Plans at Lindbergh

As the crisp autumn breeze rustles through the colorful leaves and pumpkins begin to appear on every doorstep, the new season is officially rising, with the leaves falling, and colors blooming. Halloween is right around the corner. The history of Halloween can be traced back two thousand years ago to the ancient, Celtic festival, which is called Samhain, that was held on November 1 (in contemporary calendars). On that day, the souls of past lovers returned to their homes to watch over them, and so people dressed up in costumes and lit bonfires to ward off spirits.

Years later, Lindbergh still celebrates the upcoming holiday, with their seasonal event, Boonanza, that was on the twenty-first of this month, Student Council Member, Ivanka Huynh, explains the process,

“The purpose of Boonanza is to provide a fun event for young kids in the Lindbergh community. It’s an event held at LHS to get high schoolers an opportunity to service the younger kids and create a great memory for them.” Huynh stated.

Furthermore, the student body is also planning personal parties with friends, with some students planning to dress up. Along with teachers who are just as excited for the holiday. English teacher, Kylee Maassen, is already prepared for the upcoming season, as she has plans already set, including costumes and events with her family.

“My plans for the Halloween season, cause it’s just not a day, you know, we are going to pumpkin patches and all that fun stuff. We’re getting our outfits ready right now, we’re the Bluey fam, coming in,” Maaseen explained.

Amidst the festive chaos, students are also figuring out their weekend plans to celebrate the holiday, whether it’s parties or staying in and watching horror movies. Junior student, Ryan George, already has his plans set,

“I’m definitely planning to go to my friend Audrey’s Halloween party and for Halloween I’m also dressing up as Captain America,” said George.

Now, that the cold air is back, including the scent of pumpkin spice coming from every corner, while carved jack-o’-lanterns are flickering with an eerie, but welcoming light, the anticipation of Halloween, and all its mystery, creativeness and spookiness themes, remains to excite and welcome those at Lindbergh for the upcoming year.

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